JC Pro1000 Baseband CHIP Programmer Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, Battery Tester and data Cablerecognition/detection. Pro1000 Multi-function Programmer also support fingerprint reading/re-writing and 32/64 bit PCIE Nand Flash underlying data reading/writing for iphone.

JC Pro1000 Baseband Chip Programmer Battery Tester Data Cable Detection For Iphone

Language Support: English

For iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6s 7 7p 8 8P X

JC Pro1000 Chip Multi-function Programmer For Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, For Iphone Battery Tester and Programmer data Cable recognition/detection.

Pro1000 Programmer Host + Optional Function Property test Fixure, with all activation APP software

Note: Optional Models need work with Pro1000 host, it can't work separatly!

Option Function Models:

Model1: Pro1000 Data line Cable detection module(APP)  

Model2: Pro1000S Iphone lighting earphone check module

Iphone lighting earphone check module features:

One second detection headset information
Original / non-MFI accurate identification
Dual headphone jack design
Software upgrades anytime

Model3: Pro1000 4-6SP eeprom IC Chip reading/Re-writing Test Socket   

Support Logic/Baseband EEprom IC Chip For iphone 4-7P

Pro1000 programmer support thousands of spi flash and eeprom chip reading/Re-writing, just upgrade the module.

Model4: pro1000 4S-5S Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) 

Model5: pro1000 6-6SP Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) 


Model6: pro1000 6-6SP Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)  

Model8: Iphone /8P/X  Photosensitive Repair Module

Model9: PRO1000S N3 battery detection module

JC pro1000S Battery Tester For iPhone 4 4S 5 5S SE 6 6P 6S 6P 7 7P 8 8P X. iphone 5/5S/5SE/6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X battery Detection Module work with JC Pro1000S programmer. which function is check Battery Life, Battery Health, Capacity, Discharge Rate, Cycle Count.

PRO1000S Battery Detection Module Function:

Immediate detection for battery information
One button battery cycle
Support zero clearing for several times
Support changing battery serial number, factory number and cycle number.
Design capacity, increase battery expansion board
Can be operated without battery removal
NO built-in battery, Power supplly by USB Data Calbe
Support 5/5S/5SE/6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X

How to use JC PRO1000S N3 battery detection module:

Step 1: Prepare a jc Pro1000S and Battery Detection Module

Step 2: Place the removed battery on the instrument and click on “Read”

Step 3: Put the new battery you purchased on the instrument. Click “Write” to copy the disassembled battery information to the new battery.

Model10: 32Bit /64 Bit Nand Flash Reading / Re-writing module For Iphone/Ipad

Model11: Pro1000 7-7P Logic Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module ( (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)

Model12: iphone 7/7p Baseband chip (Qualcomm/ inter EEPROM IC)

Model13: PRO1000S NAND Programmer Reading / Re-writing Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - For iPhone 6/6P

Used with JC PCIE III or PCIE nand programmer

Model14: JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer(More information, please check Model: PRK128)

Model15: PCIE 5SE 6S 6SP 7 7P ipad Pro PCIE NAND Reading / Re-writing module

JC Pro1000 PCIE NAND Module,  Support Re-Flash / Read & Write model,  also can support JC software alone, can be used on JC pro1000 machine

Model16: iPad 2 3 4 icloud Unlock Non-Removal Adapter for JC Pro1000

Support ipad2 (small hard drive), ipad3 (single hard drive), ipad4 free reading/writing serial number, country, model

Model17: iPhone 8 / 8 Plus/ iPhone X PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool ( More info, please check PRK101)

Model18: JC Iphone X Non-removal Eeprom Programmer

For iPhone X Intel Baseband / Qualcomm Baseband / Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-Writing


1. independent programming, Using data cable connect to Computer to operate.

2. it also can work with JC Pro1000S

Model 19: For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X Vibration Read/Write Module For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X

Model20: For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Adapter Non-removal Nand Module

JC Pro1000 Multi-function Programmer Features:

4.3-inch high-definition capacitive touch display screen, ultra-sensitive multi-point contact
FreeRTos operating system
Touch Control via HOME key, integrated switch/return function
Support SD card, high-speed USB communication
Support online/offline mode
Built-in original brand battery
Support APP software download, unlimited function upgrade in future



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